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The girls of the house!!!.... They run the show!!!

..... How could you say no to them?!?!

Zhena is our FREE whelping momma direct from imported SHARK lines!!  She's very petite at 22lbs with great structure and movement!!!  She is black brindle with white markings along with being a blue carrier!!  DNA Dd, ay/ay, Kbr (Bb?)

 OFA Eyes, Heart and Patellas Normal!

We will be working on her International Championship late winter!!
LaRue is an ABKC Champion along with being AKC pointed!!  She's a very stocky/cobby girl at 23lbs!!  Black brindle with white markings.... super outgoing and playful whom voluntarily rolls over and around in the grass when excited!!

Eyes, Heart and Patellas Normal!
Stella is a gorgeous Blue with brindle and white markings!!!  Her father is a 16lb handsome stud!!!!  We expect many great things from this little cutie pie!! 

Stella is 17.8 pounds!!

We will be working on Stella's
ABKC and OBBA Championships 
in the winter of 2016!!

Standing picture taken at 21 days Preggers

         OFA Eyes, Heart and Patellas 
                  Certified Normal
Blue Belle of the Beast is a petite 18lbs Blue and White pied female.  

Belle is a possible Chocolate carrier as she comes from very heavy chocolate lines!!! 

She's super sweet and prefers to cuddle and just be in your lap at all times!  

We will work on her ABKC and OBBA Championships in the winter!

OFA Heart and Eyes Certified NORMAL
Shelby is our Black and Tan girl from Buffalo Run!  This girl is probably the best puppy ever!!!  the most laid back and snuggly girl!!  

Her father, Andy is a blue and tan so we carry blue for sure

    AT/a Db  Beautiful Quality!!! Great Head!!

We hope to start her show career in the near future!

Eyes OFA Certified Normal